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Large precision steel rollers

    The large rolls are used in the fields of papermaking machine, widen digital printing machine, textile, steel mill, mine machinery and any other industries widely, and it is made via the process of cut, welding, turning, static and dynamic balance, CNC precision grinding and surface coating (such as paint, zinc plate, chrome,Teflon and EPDM rubber coating etc.).

    We work with three experienced local roll factories, first one focus on steel rollers (steel rolls), second one is capable of both steel core and rubber coating with advanced machines (see machine list attached right) and third one is special on various aluminum rollers.


Workshop view

Shop floor inspection

Steel rollers and designed package

Reference files:

Equipment list (hangzhou)
Equipment list (wuxi)
Production process of rolls
Teflon inspection
Inner inspection sheet
Package design
RoHS certification

Key issues for roll production:

Interference fit between shaft ends and pipe
Well balancing
Precision turning and CNC grinding
Perfect surface coating
Reasonable package
Quality control in whole process


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