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    As an experienced supplier of custom machined parts, we can produce both the metal parts according to original drawings and also help customers to convert the drawings according to local Chinese material standards

    Accordingly, we also complete various surface coating for metal parts by outsourcing such as paint, powder coating, zinc plate , hot galvanizing, chrome coating, Teflon coating and rubber coating etc.

    Furthermore, we could provide assembly service for components/machine too as long as we build long-term cooperation.


Here are only a few precision machined parts for your reference as below:

welding steel structure  

Welding steel structure

This is base plate of PU machine for an Italy company. The part is welded out of 120x60x3 tube, 16mm thickness steel plate , brackets and some rivet nuts installed. The base is painted well as final coating

welded parts  

Welded parts

This is a welded angle steel part for Sweden company,who is working on the field of the building industry. The parts are made out of S355J(DINST2-3) steel tube 50*30*3 and coated by zinc plate we offier various TIG/MAG welding service

precision machined shafts  

Precision machined shafts

This is a shaft(knife base) for a ltaly plastic granulator machine. The Parts need to be machined on 4-axis CNC milling machine and soft nitriding treated for case hardening.

machined parts  

Machined parts

This is aturned pard (Crankshaft Adapter)made out of mild steel for an england Customer,who is houesboat manufactuer

CNC machining process  

CNC machining process

This an 6061T6 aluminum heating table with big size (4000x2500mm) on a CNC milling machine. The plate has to be machined both face first to ensure flatness and parallelism tolerance, and then it takes long time to make long groove.